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According to an Indian sociologist, Marxist, and a social activist “India presents a spectacle of museum of tongues”. Hence, India is called a ‘Veritable tower of babel ‘. India is not only known for its religious and ethnic diversity, it is also known for its linguistic diversity. In fact since ages it has always renowned for its multiplicity and diversity around the globe. A famous aphorism in Hindi that portrays the linguistic diversity of India rather well, ‘Kos-kos par badle paani, chaar kos par baani’ (Just like the water changes for every kilometer, also the language does after every few kilometers). The eighth schedule of the Indian constitution has 22 official Languages. State boundaries of India are partially determined along linguistic divides, something that took place after Independence. States have been vested with powers to set their own languages, which is often one or two of these 22 official languages.


Languages spoken in India belong to several language families. The language families are – Indo-Aryan language family, Dravidian language family, Tibeto-Burman language family, Austro-Asiatic language family and Andamanese language family. India can posh of being a residence for a number of major languages of the world, and a large number of minor languages that are in the brink of extinction. And by looking at this extent of language plurality of India, one can say that no single state in India is analogous with regard to language. Also, the dominant language of one specific region might be a problem of linguistic minority in other region. Hence, an essence of existence of language barrier is always present.

As mentioned above one of these official languages is Punjabi Language. Punjabi language belongs to the Indian-Aryan language family. Punjabi is spoken by the Punjabi people and the native people of the Punjab region of Pakistan and India with approximately 113 million native speakers. Out of which a larger portion with 80.5 million speakers as of 2017- natives of Pakistan, where Punjabi has more speakers than any other languages but it has no official recognition either at the national level or at the provincial level. Whereas India has 31.1 million speakers (as of 2011 census) and has official recognition in the Punjab state. Also the large chunk of Indian diaspora, particularly in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom speaks Punjabi language. Gurmukhi script is used for writing Punjabi in India. Punjabi is not usual among Indo-Aryan languages (and Indo-European languages more generally) in its use of lexical tone. Since ages migration has flowed to Punjab as it became the green revolution belt in Northern India. Migration in Punjab is divided into three streams i.e., out migrants, in migrants and return migrants.


The analysis shows that the flows are on behalf of the rise in Punjab’s green revolution areas mainly in Ludhiana. Out-migration from the rural areas are influenced by the poorest and the richest and information on the reasons for migration authenticates the connection between migration and economic factors. The rate of out-migration from the rural areas is higher than the combined rate of in-migration and return-migration, advocates that some of the shortage of labor reported from the region may be due to migration and not to new techniques of agriculture. The data recommends that, in terms of human capital, rural areas of the region are getting depleted of their more resourceful elements. In contrary to this, there is a compensatory surge into the rural areas of remittances which supplements capital formation and investment in productive activities. The proportion of scheduled caste and other low caste people in the rural areas of Ludhiana district is gradually increasing as a result of migration. Because of its achievement in agriculture, is attracting people from other districts of Punjab and also from the other states.


This drift is not considerable at present, but are presaging to become more marked with the passage of time. So this population migrating from the state of Punjab and to the state of Punjab face language barriers and its quite obvious. And these people plump out a common language to communicate that is Hindi or English. And here comes translation which plays a vital role in addressing people’s needs and necessities.

Translation allows different cultures to connect, interact, and enrich one another. The communication of the meaning of a text in a source language into a comprehensive genre of target language without causing any changes in the original message is known as translation. No doubt, that the art of communication is the language of leadership. Therefore, translation is becoming an integral part of any sort of business and to attract customers globally. As once you decide to translate your business, do not ponder next what? Because we are here to put a screeching halt to all your pondering by introducing you Enuncia Global media solutions, all-inclusive store. Enuncia global media solutions is a globally recognized company that provides the best Punjabi translation since 2018 as we have specialization in the field of language translation.

We provide new-age translation solutions to our customers to help them stand out in the market. One of our major goal as a translation service company is bringing different cultures together and helping each to understand the other. We provide translation services for multiple languages and within a very short span of time we have managed to build a pool of more than 2000+ translators/ transcribers, voice-over artists worldwide, Enuncia global is at the leading edge of the translation service providing market. We practically have resources for every language and relatable skill set that is used now a days in the modern world order. We have access to the specialist translators and we are exclusively working with more than 100 freelancing professionals from different walks of life. We inspire a positive corporate culture. We follow the right strategy to fulfill the minute requirements of our customers.


We are the best Punjabi translation service provider in the market. Being a professional translation company, leveraging the new-age techniques, we specialize in services like text translation, documents translation, transcription, subtitling/captions, content writing, ghost writing, localization, localization, transcreation, dubbing/ voice-over, copywriting and corporate document translation. We determinately work hard to capture the texture and energy and voice of the source text and replicate them in the translation, by drawing on all the resources of the Punjabi language. On an average we possess 10 to 12 subject experts for translation and we have the same strength for the translation task of Punjabi language to English language and English language to Punjabi language and same goes with the Hindi language. Because of this fact we generally take one third of the industry time to get your task done which is assigned by you. Moreover we also have an outstanding rush request delivery system with no extra charging. We work round the clock to provide high quality translation services with a great extent of accuracy.


We provide out-of –the-box solutions to our clients and help them catapult their businesses to new heights. And our translation services have 95% reliability rate and 90% of retention rate. Our customers has seen a tremendous growth rate in their business and they have rated us 4.9/5 overall on google. We are the most cost effective translating company you could find in the translation service providing market. Till now we have had a high quality output and we follow a three-step quality monitoring system to precisely monitor the output before finally presenting translated report to our customers.


Initially our subject experts explicitly analyze the project and then execute the project and following the process they head towards proofreading and editing then they make the correction if any required and then the last step is certification of the report if required and at this point the report is ready to submit. So if you want to apply the strategies in the right place at the right time, then this is the best way to opt. Without wasting a dime on your time and assets choose Enuncia global to get your project completed promptly.
As pleased as punch to serve you is our way of providing you a new ray of hope to your companies development. Therefore we look forward that you give us an opportunity to provide you the best translation services of translating Punjabi language to English language, English language to Punjabi language, Punjabi language to Hindi language and Hindi language to Punjabi language. Place your trust in us and watch us how we take care of your trust.

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