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Persian / Farsi Translation Service


Looking to expand your business to Middle-East or South Asia? Persian is one of the most popular and sought after languages to have your content translated into. So, if you’re looking to hire Persian translators or a Persian translation agency, to translate your content from English to Persian or Persian to English, you have made a stop at the right place. At Enuncia Global Media Solutions we have the best team of native Persian translators to execute your Persian translation projects efficiently. But, before we look into the intricacies of executing a Persian language translation project, let’s have a quick look at the background and evolution of Persian language throughout the history of time and its influence on other languages across the globe. This would help us understand and evaluate the key points that you need to bear in mind while assigning your Persian translation project to a professional Persian translator or a Persian translation agency.



The name ‘Persian’ is more of an English adaptation of the Latin word Persiānus, which is actually an adjective form of the word ‘Persia’, which in turn has sprung out of the Greek word ‘Persis’, which again has originated from the Old Persian word Pārsa .  In Persian, the word is actually called ‘Farsi’.

Persian or Farsi, as it’s popularly known, is a Western Iranian language, which belongs to the Indo-Iranian sub family of the Indo- European language family. It’s a polycentric language, which simply means that it has multiple variations depending on the region it’s spoken in that are interlinked with each other.

Persian as language has very deep cultural roots throughout Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia with over 110 million total speakers across the world.  Persian language can be segregated into three variants: Old Persian, Middle Persian and New or Modern Persian. Modern Persian can further be divided into three stages –

Early New Persian –This variant of Persian was used between 8th and 9th century.

Classical Persian- This variant of Persian was used between 10th to 18thcentury.

Contemporary Persian- This variant has been in use since 19th century till date.  

Contemporary Persian further has variants –

Iranian Persian or Farsi, which is majorly spoken in Iran, some regions of Iraq and Persian Gulf states.


Eastern Persian or Dari, which is spoken in Afghanistan.

Tajiki or Tajik Persian, which is spoken in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and is written using the Cyrillic script.


Now that we’re aware of the basic history of Persian language, let’s  take a look at the wide array of Persian language services provided by Enuncia Global Media Solutions. Be it any area or aspect of Persian translation, we cover it all.



Accuracy and proficiency is a must when it comes to a financial document, and every financial organization and bank knows this at their very core. Therefore, every client of Enuncia Global Media Solutions depend and trust us blindly to provide perfect language services. Whether it’s translating from Persian to English or English to Persian , creating original reports, or proofreading documents to ensure accuracy, our versatile linguists ensure that your content is flawless and fully compliant with the regulatory standards.


Law firms and legal bodies know all too well that language is the most important factor of any legal document. That’s why, at any given point on time, it’s quite obvious for courts and law firms turn to Enuncia Global Media Solutions for error-free Persian translations, since at one point Persian also happened to be one of India’s official court languages. Our native Persian language experts understand terminologies and content well as it applies to diverse domains and legal specialties. They’re well-versed in copyright, trademark and patent applications, partnership agreements, employment contracts, trusts and wills as well as a variety of Persian language services especially required for litigators and solicitors.


Whether it’s website translation, or gaming related translation or IT related content, the best of the software companies depend on Enuncia Global Media Solutions for professional Persian language services to convert all types of content from or into Persian language. Our professional Persian translation teams worldwide excel in the language of tech domains and IT niches. Our expert native Persian linguists also translate, localize or recreate apps and websites, sales and marketing portfolios, and all kinds of social media content for the local market.

Even though there are numerous complications while getting your content translated from or into Persian, we at Enuncia Global Media Solutions take pride in the fact that we have native Persian translators for all aspects of translation, like Persian legal translation, Persian medical translation, Persian certified translation, etc. While building this team, we’ve ensured that all our Persian translators have the kind of experience and exposure that is required to handle your Persian translation project efficiently without any roadblocks. So, if you’re looking to have your content translated from English to Persian or Persian to English, you don’t have to go on a hunt. Simply call or email for an enquiry at any point on time at +91-9315056112 or to get a quote. Our team of professional Persian translators have expertise  of handling any size of volume and ensure that your Persian translation project is delivered within the deadline and exceeds your quality expectations. We also take pride in saying that our Persian translation rates are not just competitive but we have the cheapest Persian translation rates in the market.

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