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India is well known for its linguistic diversity along with its religious and ethnic diversity. India has been ranked 4th in the terms of the number of languages spoken in it. The Census of India of 2001 reported that there are 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. Hence India can be called as a “Many languaged country”. Languages spoken in India belong to different language families. The first one is the
Indo Aryan language family with around 78.05% speakers, second one is Dravidian language family spoken by 19.64% of Indians, third one is the Austroasiatic language family spoken by 2.31% of Indians, fourth one is the Tibeto-Burman language family and the fifth one is the Andamanese language family spoken by the remaining percentage of the population. And this specification is made on the basis of linguistic study and survey also each one of these is distinct to each other with distinct linguistic features.

Language is a medium through which one can express his/ her feelings and expressions.

Marathi is one language among all these languages belonging to the Indo-Aryan language family. With around 120 million predominant speakers and they are called as Marathi people of Maharashtra, India. Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra state and co-official language in the states of Goa and few states of Western India. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages scheduled in the constitution of
India. Marathi language has ranked 10th in the list of languages with most native speakers in the world with 83million speakers as of 2011. Marathi language has the third largest number of native speakers in India, after Hindi and Bengali. From around 600 AD Marathi language has some of the oldest literature of all modern Indian languages. Standard Marathi and the Varhadi dialect are the major dialects of
Marathi language have heavily influenced by Marathi language varieties that are Koli, Agri and Malvani and Konkani. Then taking into account, the language problem in Mumbai historically Migration has played a major role in in the growth and development of Mumbai, the commercial center of India. At the time of independence migrants constituted 50% of the total growth of population in Mumbai.

Subsequently the percentage has decreased due to various reasons yet the population of the migrants in Mumbai is 54%. Pull factor is what attracting the people towards Mumbai. Without any denial we should agree to the fact that Mumbai is a magnet for migrants creating multiple job opportunities to the skilled as well as unskilled labourers. According to recent report, migrants of Mumbai mostly come from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, and Jharkhand. And these people face difficulties in communication due to the language problem. And also there’s this class of people who don’t know anything about Marathi but still have to deal with it at some significant point. Mumbai is believed to be the city of dreams. Mumbai is also known for the plethora of entertainment and sightseeing as it a tourism hub, it is imminent for the people involved in this industry to learn Hindi and English because not every individual migrating to Mumbai will be knowing Marathi language. Hence, whoever is facing these language problems there’s a lifesaving savior and a very essential tool Translation.

Translation is an interpretive process. And the process of carrying across a message/written content from one language (source language) to other language (target language) is called as translation. Translation is necessary to spread information, knowledge, and ideas. It is extremely important for efficacious and compassionate communication between different people and cultures. In the past people found that it was very laborious to get Marathi text translation from the internet. So for this translation you will have to reach out to the subject experts or any professional translator for accuracy.

Also some people might be passionate about learning Marathi language or someone who has Marathi language as a mandatory subject will be left in splits, are you in a dilemma what next? Put a big full stop to all your dilemma’s because we would like to present you Enuncia Global media solutions, your one stop destination. Enuncia Global media solutions is a globally identified company that provides the best Marathi translation since 2018 as we have expertise in the field of language translation. One of our major aim as a translation service company is bringing different cultures together and helping each to understand the other. We provide translation services for multiple languages and within a very short span of time we have managed to build a pool of more than 2000+ translators/ transcribers, voice-over artists worldwide, Enuncia global is at the leading edge of the translation service providing market. We practically have resources for every language and relatable skill set that is used now a days in the modern world order. We have access to the specialist translators and we are exclusively working with more than 100 freelancing professionals who come with different backgrounds.

We limpidly trace and monitor the whole process through all translation stages. We strictly follow the time- bound delivery of projects. We simply don’t translate language we in fact transform any business in the world of words. We ought to deliver 99% accurate results within the time limit given to us. In a survey of 2022, around 80% of businesses have reached the international markets to get more customers globally and there’s also an expectation that it will increase more in coming years. We follow the right strategy to fulfill the miniscule requirements of our customers. We are the best Marathi translation service provider in the market. Till now we have fulfilled the great demands for higher quality and more sophisticated translation services. We are a professional translation company and we offer plenty of services like we provide text translation, documents translation, transcription, subtitling/captions, content writing, ghost writing, localization, localization, transcreation, dubbing/ voice-over, copywriting and corporate document translation. We determinately work hard to capture the texture and energy and voice of the source text and replicate them in the translation, by drawing on all the resources of the Marathi language. On an average we possess 10 to 12 subject experts for translation and we have the same strength for the translation task of Marathi language to English language and English language to Marathi language and same goes with the Hindi language. Because of this fact we generally take one third of the industry time to get your task done which is assigned by you.

Moreover we also have an outstanding rush request delivery system with no extra charging. We work round the clock to provide high quality translation services with a great extent of accuracy. And our translation services have 95% reliability rate. Also our customers who took our translation services has seen a tremendous growth rate in their business and they have rated us 4.9/5 overall in google. We are
the most cost effective translating company you could find in the translation service providing market. Till now we have had a high quality output and we follow a three-step quality monitoring system to precisely monitor the output before finally presenting translated report to our customers. Initially our subject experts explicitly analyze the project and then execute the project and following the process they head towards proofreading and editing then they make the correction if any required and then the last step is certification of the report if required and at this point the report is ready to submit.

Hence our customers are highly satisfied and we have a retention rate of above 90 percent. So if you want to apply the strategies in the right place at the right time, then this is the best way to go. Without wasting a dime on your time and assets Enuncia global will get your project completed promptly.

We will break the language barrier with the power of clarity in your business. We ought to be your language force to connect with your global consumer. Within no time you will get to know about us once you give us an opportunity to serve you with the best translation service of translating Marathi language to English language, English language to Marathi language, Marathi language to Hindi language and Hindi language to Marathi language. Trust us and we assure you that we will never let you down.

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