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India is a huge country packed with an incredible array of languages. No other country in the world can match the linguistic diversity of India. The linguistic diversity is an inevitable integral part of the cultural wealth of India. And this linguistic diversity is unevenly spread. One can also call India as a “Museum of languages’. The constitution of India has recognized 22 major languages in the 8 th schedule and there are over 19500 languages spoken in India. Hence, linguistic diversity is a way of life in India. Each and every state in India has its own official language. Indo-Aryan, Tibeto-Burman, Austro-Asiatic, Dravidian and Andamanese are the five language families specifically found in India. And this distinction is made on the basis of linguistic study and analysis also each one of these is distinct to each other with distinct linguistic features. A medium of expression, a medium through which one can express feelings and expressions can be called as a language.

In this vast museum of languages, one important language is Malayalam also it is one of those scheduled 22 languages in constitution. Malayalam belongs to the Dravidian language family and spoken in the Indian state of Kerala and the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry (Mahe) by Malayali people. On an average 2.88% of Indians speak Malayalam and is spoken by 34 million worldwide. Also the linguistic minorities of Kodagu, Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka and Nilgiris and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu speak Malayalam. And some Malayalam expatriates in the Persian Gulf speak Malayalam.


Malayalam also holds the pride to be the official language of Kerala, Lakshadweep and Puducherry. Getting to the point of language problem of Kerala. The lion’s share of the Malayali’s migrate to North India or Gulf for employment. And in Gulf, Indian Pakistani and Bangladeshi diaspora usually use Hindi for conversation and this makes the situation difficult for Malayali’s. And Kerala has got a lot of migrant labourers from Bengal, Assam and Orissa who speak Hindi and this is also a criteria where both the natives of Kerala and migrants of Kerala land up in a language problem.

Talking about the next another, many schools in Kerala which have CBSE or ICSE affiliation teach Hindi as a part of curriculum. Getting to the next important scenario, Kerala is known for its scenic beauty as it a tourism hub, it is impending for the people involved in this industry to learn Hindi and English. Hence, here the life savior for every person who is facing these language problems is none other than Translation.

Translation is an interpretative process. Translation is nothing but a process of carrying across a message/written content from one language (source language) to other language (target language). There’s a saying, that good communication is the bridge between Confusion and clarity.

And if once you decide to translate your business, you might be befuddled about what next? The first and the foremost dilemma you will face is choosing between human and machine translation. No doubt that machine translation can give you a quick fix. But when you go for machine translation you will end up with bloated desktop. Tools that are meant for translation process will end up causing you nothing but stress. When you are translating a business, you need much more than a word-for-word that can only be done by human translation and also if you are in need and search of accuracy and perfection then approaching some language expert will be the best decision you can ever take to improve your business. So let us put a full stop to your all queries and dilemma’s.

Presenting you Enuncia Global media solutions, your one stop shop. Enuncia global media solutions is a globally established company that provides the best Malayalam translation since 2018 as we have specialization in the field of language translation. One of our major goal as a translation service company is bringing different cultures together and helping each to understand the other. We provide translation
services for multiple languages and within a very short period of time we have managed to build a pool of more than 2000+ translators/ transcribers, voice-over artists worldwide, Enuncia global is at the leading edge of the translation service providing market. We practically have resources for every language and relatable skill set that is used now a days in the modern world order.

We have access to the specialist translators and we are exclusively working with more than 100 freelancing professionals who come with different backgrounds. We limpidly trace and monitor the whole process through all translation stages. We strictly follow the time- bound delivery of projects. We simply don’t translate language we in fact transform any business in the world of words. We ought to deliver 99% accurate results within the time limit given to us.


In a survey of 2022, around 80% of businesses have reached the international markets to get more customers globally and there’s also an expectation that it will increase more in coming years. We follow the right strategy to fulfill the miniscule requirements of our customers. We are the best Malayalam translation service provider in the market. Till now we have fulfilled the great demands for higher quality and more sophisticated translation services.

We are a professional translation company and we offer plenty of services like we provide text translation, documents translation, transcription, subtitling/captions, content writing, ghost writing, localization, localization, transcreation, dubbing/ voice-over, copywriting and corporate document translation. We determinately work hard to capture the texture and energy and voice of the source text and replicate them in the translation, by drawing on all the resources of the Malayalam language. On an average we possess 10 to 12 subject experts for translation and we have the same strength for the translation task of Malayalam language to English language and English language to Malayalam language and same goes with the Hindi language. Because of this fact we generally take one third of the industry time to get your task done which is assigned by you.

Moreover we also have an outstanding rush request delivery system with no extra charging. We work round the clock to provide high quality translation services with a great extent of accuracy. And our translation services have 95% reliability rate. Also our customers who took our translation services has seen a tremendous growth rate in their business and they have rated us 4.9/5 overall in google. We are the most cost effective translating company you could find in the translation service providing market. Till now we have had a high quality output and we follow a three-step quality monitoring system to precisely monitor the output before finally presenting translated report to our customers.

Initially our subject experts explicitly analyze the project and then execute the project and following the process they head towards proofreading and editing then they make the correction if any required and then the last step is certification of the report if required and at this point the report is ready to submit. Hence our customers are highly satisfied and we have a retention rate of above 90 percent. So if you want to apply the strategies in the right place at the right time, then this is the best way to go. Without wasting a dime on your time and assets.

Enuncia global will get your project completed promptly. We will break the language barrier with the power of clarity in your business. We ought to be your language force to connect with your global consumer. In no time you will get to know about us once you give us an opportunity to serve you with the best translation service of translating Malayalam language to English language, English language to Malayalam language, Malayalam language to Hindi language and Hindi language to Malayalam language. Trust us and we assure you that we will never let you down.

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Malayalam Translation Service

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